Voices on Composer Talk Today

27 09 2014

We hope you can tune in Saturday, September 27, 2PM to 4PM CT for another edition of “Composer Talk,” with your hosts composers Hsin-Jung Tsai and Chris Becker.

This Saturday, we will raise our voices, cry out to the ancestors and share the music of vocalist Anna Homler, Lisa Gerrard, composer Gila Carcas, Paul Connolly‘s NC-17 noise project Screaming Caustic Butterfly and who knows what else?

  “Composer Talk” streams LIVE at www.ktru.org and (if you have a HD radio receiver) on 90.1 HD-2.

You can listen to Gila Carcas’ String Quartet no. 3: 2nd movement, a beautiful piece with inspiring video, on the link below:

Interview with Soprano Misha Penton

6 04 2013

Today’s Scordatura Show, Soprano Misha Penton will be in the studio with your host Paul Connolly chatting about her recent release “Selkie, A Sea Tale.”    Accompanied by pianist Kyle Evans, cellist Patrick Moore, and violist Meredith Harris,  Selkie, A Sea Tale is Elliot Cole’s musical setting of fairytale poetry by soprano Misha Penton.

Listen to the interview on www.ktru.org or KPFT 90.1 HD2 at 2:00 pm CDT.

Misha P

Composer Paul Connolly – 5 pm Saturday 8/15

15 08 2009

Paul Connolly will join us for the second half of the show to perform and talk about his compositions.

“In the eighth grade, our class was asked to listen to what sounds we heard around us. While my classmates sat writing very little, I wrote pages and pages – the sound of the air conditioner, of squeaky shoes, and coughs and wheezes, and giggles, and everything else. I heard a symphony without any ‘traditional’ instrument playing a single note. Music happening all around me. I was transformed by where sound could come from, and (importantly) learned to grasp the beauty of “the moment”…” –Paul Connolly | brightbluebeetle