La Peintre, Yu-Lin

30 06 2011

    On Thursday June 30th, and Saturday July 2nd, Scordatura Show will be broadcasting the Opera La Peintre, Yu-Lin, and the interview with composer Nan-Chang Chien.


    Yuliang Pan (1885-1977) was a legendary Chinese painter.  At a young age, she was sold to a brothel and then became a wealthy official’s concubine.  her paintings of nude models violated cultural norms in the feudal society and generated much controversy in Shanghai in the early Republic years.  She was forced to move to Paris to pursue her passion and successfully established herself as a “worrior of beauty.”

    Composer Nan-Chang Chien has composed successful operas through his A Night of Thunderstorm and My Daughter’s Wedding; playwright An-Chi Wang is known for her adaptations of traditional Beijing operas; French director Juliette Deschamps has collaborated with well-known sopranos.  Conductor Wing-Sie Yip is one of the most acclaimed Asian conductors.  La Peintre (The Painter) features Chien and Wang, winners of the National Award for Arts, as well as two talented female artists.  This opera was premiered in July, 2010, and now will be played on Scordatura Show, KTRU.  

   Tune in on Thursday June 30th, at 5:oo pm (CDT) and Saturday July 2nd at 3:00 pm (CDT) at or!/station/19/ for the fantasitc new opera.  

   Link: The songs of pensive beholding

Listening to Scordatura Show on Soundtap

28 06 2011

    Now you can listen to Scordatura Show not only at, but also at!/station/19/

    5:00 ~ 7:oo pm (CDT) on Thursdays 

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   Just go to!/station/19/  and click on the blue arrow at the time above, and you can hear the whole Scordatura Show.