Interview with Trio Oriens

23 04 2011


    Today’s Scordatura Show will have a Houston local piano trio, Trio Oriens, in the studio to talk about music by Paul Shoenfield and Tsang-Huei Hsu.  Moreover, they will share the experiences how modern music inspires their musical interpretation.     

   The Trio draws together three outstanding musicians from Taiwan, with violinist Johnny Chang, cellist Olive Chen, and pianist I-Ling Chen.  They had their debut in spring of 2010 and became one of the most active chamber ensembles in Houston area. 

   The Trio is going to have two concerts in April and May.   The first one will be held on Friday, April 29th, 7:30pm at Christ the King Lutheran Church (2353 Rice Blvd, Houston, TX 77005).  The second will be held on Saturday, May 7th, 7:00 pm at Campbell Learning Center (1440 Campbell Rd. Houston, TX 77055).  Visit their website at for more information and listen to their performances. 

    Tune in on Saturday, April 23th, from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm on KTRU 91.7 FM and KPFT 90.1 FM HD2, or

Transatlantic Tales by Faye-Ellen Silverman

14 04 2011

    We received a new album, Transatlantic Tales, from composer Faye-Ellen Silverman.  This is an album including 7 compositions that Ms. Silverman collaborated with Guitarist Volkmar Zimmermann.  Like Ms. Silverman’s earlier album, Manhattan Stories (also on Scordatura’s collection) arising from her work and friendships in New York City, Transatlantic Tales presents a symbol of cross-ocean friendship between her and Zimmermann.    

   On Today’s Scordatura Show, we would love to play two compositions from Transatlantic Tales and one from Manhattan Stories.  5-7 pm, stay tuned.