Composer Talk on Thursday, October 27th, 2011

26 10 2011

Composer Talk with Chris Becker on Scordatura Show this Thursday, October 27th, at 5:00 pm (CDT)!

This month we are going to play and talk about all guitar pieces, including Leo Brouwer’s “Cuban Landscape With Rain” for four classical guitars, a track byPermagrin called “Classical,” and Robert Fripp’s solo Frippertronics track “God Save The Queen.”  Moreover, we are going to play some more tracks from Guitar album Transatlantic Tales by Faye-Ellen Silverman, who was on Scordatura for interview two weeks ago.

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Interview with Faye-Ellen Silverman

13 10 2011

    Thursday, October 13th, Scordatura Show, we are going to interview New York based composer Faye-Ellen Silverman.   An award winning, accomplished pianist, and musicology professor at the Mannes College The New School for Music, Ms. Silverman has released CDs of her chamber and solo works, such as Manhattan Stories and Transatlantic Tales.   we have played some works from both albums on air frequently.

   We are very happy to have Ms. Silverman from New York City in the studio.  We are going to talk about her piano work Three/Four (2007), percussion piece Of Wood and Skin (2003), piano trio Reconstructed Music (2002), and orchestral piece Adhesions (1987).  Moreover, we will play couple compositions and a film from Transatlantic Tales

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