Composer Talk on Thursday, March 29th

28 03 2012
5:00pm to 7:00pm CT tune in to for Composer Talk.

Hosts Hsin-Jung Tsai and Chris Becker play and discuss new works by composers from Taiwan and recent CDs by Dave Soldier and Erdem Helvacioglu.

Casual, fun, music and talk. You know, no big whoop.

Dave Soldier’s CD The Violinist (music for the silent film)
Turkish composer Erdem Helvacioglu (work for prepared piano)
Long-Kwang Hsieh: Wish for viola and electronics 9:48
Kuei-Ju Lin: Chiroptera Sunset
Chin-Yow Lin: (a piece for chamber music)
Shui-Long Ma: Idea and Image for Hsiao and 4 Cellos