Patterns of Plants

1 11 2014

Tune in Saturday, November 1st, 2PM to 4PM CT for”Composer Talk,” with your hosts composers Hsin-Jung Tsai and Chris Becker.

This Saturday we’ll feature tracks from the recent innova Recordings release by the Vocal Constructivists, an excerpt from David Sylvian’s new and haunting collaboration with poet Franz Wright, tracks from “The Pattern of Plants” composed by Manoru Fujieda and performed by pianist Sarah Cahill, and orchestra piece by David Kirtley.

Moreover, we will have a special guest Kurt Stallmann, professor of Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, joining us, talking about the up-coming SYZYGY Concert, Music of Mario Davidovsky.

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You can listen to some orchestra pieces from the new-released album “Luminescence” here:


Voices on Composer Talk Today

27 09 2014

We hope you can tune in Saturday, September 27, 2PM to 4PM CT for another edition of “Composer Talk,” with your hosts composers Hsin-Jung Tsai and Chris Becker.

This Saturday, we will raise our voices, cry out to the ancestors and share the music of vocalist Anna Homler, Lisa Gerrard, composer Gila Carcas, Paul Connolly‘s NC-17 noise project Screaming Caustic Butterfly and who knows what else?

  “Composer Talk” streams LIVE at and (if you have a HD radio receiver) on 90.1 HD-2.

You can listen to Gila Carcas’ String Quartet no. 3: 2nd movement, a beautiful piece with inspiring video, on the link below:

8/30 Composer Talk at 2 pm KTRU

30 08 2014

Tune is this Saturday, August 30, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m CT to “Composer Talk,” with your hosts Chris Becker and Hsin-Jung Tsai. We’ll be featuring music by Susie Ibarra, Samantha Boshnack, Rebecca Oswald , Hilary Tann, and Jennifer Fowler.   

Rebecca Oswald composed the music and wrote the narration for Aesop’s Fables in 1999.  This spirited suite for woodwind quintet with narrator recounts 5 of Aesop’s well-loved tales.  In this unique recording, the 5 fables come to life through vivid music and expressive narration; and each concludes with its timeless and well-known lesson. 

Also, we are going to feature two pieces (Three Cellos and Threaded Stars) by Jennifer Fowler, who was born in Australia and is living in London, and two pieces (On Ear and Ear … and Nothing Forgotten) by Hilary Tann. 

“Composer Talk” streams LIVE at

musical landscapes


October Wind on June Composer Talk

28 06 2014

On this edition of “Composer Talk” Hsin-Jung and Chris Becker we’ll be featuring the music of Erik Satie, piano pieces by composer/pianist Rebecca Oswald, and Continuum for solo piano by Gyorgy Ligeti.

Chris will be bringing his vinyl copy of “Socrate” to the studio, and will try to find some other deep cuts from the man (E. Satie) who did a lot more than write “Gymnopedies No. 1.”  I (Hsin-Jung) will be introducing female composer/pianist Rebecca Oswald’s two CDs, “October Wind” (2005)and “Whereas” (2011).

Composer/pianist Rebecca Oswald has explored many different styles of music.  Her orchestra album Light and Shadow (2011, PARMA recordings) is one of Scordatura Show’s favorites.   Her music is full of surprises and images, with her subtle and unique sense of sounds and forms.  From 1981 to 1995 she worked as a solo pianist, accompanist, band keyboardist, and studio musician in Houston.  She is currently living in Eugene, Oregon.


Tune in on Saturday, June 28th, 2:00 ~ 4:00 (CT).

Tango on Composer Talk, May 31st

31 05 2014



Saturday, May 31st 2PM to 4PM CT to “Composer Talk” with your hosts composers Chris Becker and Hsin-Jung Tsai.

On this edition of “Composer Talk” we’ll be playing music by Australian composer Katy Abbott, from her two new-released CDs “The Domestic Sublime” and “Famous;” tango music by Frederic Rzewski and others from pianist Eliane Lust’s new album “Entangoed;”  original music by pianist and author Adam Tendler, and music by vocalist and composer Ayelet Rose Gottlieb from her forthcoming album “Roadsides.”

Join us at 2 pm (CT)!


Diverse Compositions and Cultures on 4/27 Composer Talk

26 04 2014


(Roumi Petrova: Enchanted Rhythms, Cello Music from Bulgaria)


Tune in Saturday, April 19, 2PM to 4PM CT for “Composer Talk,” with your intrepid, super-creative and genuinely kind hosts Hsin-Jung Tsai and Chris Becker.

On this edition of “Composer Talk,” we’ll be featuring music for big band by Mehmet Sanlikol, a classic track by the one and only Gil Evans, a short piece for toy piano by Derek Hurst, selections from outstanding Mix Tape (for solo double bass) by Armando Bayolo, and two pieces by women composers Elizabeth Alexander and Roumi Petrova (Bulgarian composer, I love her Five Ancient Bulgarian Portraits, which we will be airing!).

  “Composer Talk” streams LIVE at and (if you have a HD radio receiver) on 90.1 HD-2.  

3/29 Composer Talk

28 03 2014
We’re back! Hsin-Jung Tsai and Chris Becker host another edition of Composer Talk this Saturday, March 29, 2PM to 4PM CT.

This time around, we’ll be playing tracks from Viv Corringham‘s latest release “Walking” which is sort of an aural diary of walks she takes with a partner – on foot – before revisiting and recording the same journey and overdubbing her own vocalizing and other sounds, excerpts from Lynn Wright‘s dark and powerful score “I Would” which was created for NYC choreographer Rachel Cohen, and new music for strings by Valeria Jonard.

Composer talks streams LIVE at and on HD radio on 90.1 HD-2.

We hope you can tune in. Thank you for supporting new music.