Talk with Chris Becker on Thursday, August 25th, 5:00 pm

25 08 2011

    Talk with composer Chris Becker on Scordatura Show this Thursday, August 25 again!  

    This week we are going to share the music that inspires our musical views and listening experiences. 

    The program covers music by Japanese composer Somei Satoh (Birds in Warped Time), English musician David Bowie (Moss Garden), American composers Diamanda Galas (Deliver Me) and John Cage (The Perilous Night), and Scottish composer Thea Musgrave (Chamber Concerto No. 2).    

    Tune in on Thursday Scordatura Show, August 24th, 5:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm (CDT) on

Interviews with composer Joseph Phillips and pianist Robert Boston on Thursday, August 11th

10 08 2011

This Thursday, August 11th, we are going to have two interviews with composer Joseph Phillips and pianist Robert Boston on Scordatura Show.  You can listen to both on or KPFT 90.1 FM HD2.   

5:00 – 6: 00 pm: Composer Joseph Phillips  

Joseph Phillips is a composer who loves the avant-garde and the element of improvisation in jazz.  His music moves fluidly between classical and jazz and other genres.  He and his ensemble Numinous, which features strings, various percussion, piano, bass, woodwinds, voice and brass instruments in a flexible grouping of up to 25 new music and jazz musicians from New York City, have released some albums, including Vipassana by innova recordings in 2009 and so on.  He is a composer, a educator, and also the founder of Pulse, a federation of six award-winning composers who write and perform music that defies categorization and who are not bound by any one musical style. 

 On Thursday’s Scordatura Show, we are going to talk about Mr. Phillips’ music and musical philosophy.


6:00 – 7:00 pm: Pianist Robert Boston 

Robert Boston is a New York Citybased musician working with piano, composition and experimental sound, who believes in the infinite power of music on the human spirit. His inspirations stem from multiple periods in the development of Western music and art, with emphasis on 20th century Modernism, as well as in the cultures of Latin America, Indiaand Bali. It is the dynamic and unique dialogue of these traditions combined with new music, jazz and free improvisation, which forms the essence of his distinctive style. Through the discovery of various points of intersection between the physical and spiritual aspects of music, the juxtapositions of discreet noises and the practice of deep listening, his philosophy of “no sound is innocent” was born.

In addition to solo piano,Boston also performs with Dirty Churches, a collaboration of music, visual and performance art, using a wide spectrum of instruments from analog electronics and smart phones to guitars and percussion.  He is a founding member of electro-acoustic duo Civic, and Cyberglass, an improvisation-based new music ensemble. His compositions have been performed by select chamber groups including Houston-based Orchestra X and featured in several independent films and documentaries, including Die-In atRockefellerCenter at the NY State Museum. He also collaborates with the Martha Graham Dance Company and the Mark Morris Dance Group, and has created music for numerous contemporary choreographers. 

Boston has a Masters in Music fromSam Houston State University,Texas, where he studied piano with John Paul and composition with Newton Strandberg and Fisher Tull. He has also trained at Hochschule für Musik in Hanover, Germany under Arie Vardi.  He taught theory, improvisation and private piano as an Affiliate Artist at Moores School of Music, University of Houston. 

Tune in on Thursday, August 11th, Scordatura Show, 5:00pm (CDT).