Talk with Chris Becker on Thursday, August 25th, 5:00 pm

25 08 2011

    Talk with composer Chris Becker on Scordatura Show this Thursday, August 25 again!  

    This week we are going to share the music that inspires our musical views and listening experiences. 

    The program covers music by Japanese composer Somei Satoh (Birds in Warped Time), English musician David Bowie (Moss Garden), American composers Diamanda Galas (Deliver Me) and John Cage (The Perilous Night), and Scottish composer Thea Musgrave (Chamber Concerto No. 2).    

    Tune in on Thursday Scordatura Show, August 24th, 5:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm (CDT) on

Interview with composer Chris Becker on July 14th

11 07 2011

    This Thursday, July 14th, we will have composer Chris Becker in the studio to talk about his music and collaborations with different types of musicians and visual artists.


    Chris Becker is not only a composer, but also a sound artist, electronic musician and improviser.  He has been relocated in Houston since 2010, and continuously contributing his talent to diverse artistic events, such as concerts featuring contemporary music by Musiqa, compositions for silent film, electronic/sound arts for improvisational events, and so on. 

    In the interview, we are going to introduce his music on album Saints & Devils (released in 2006) and talk about the collaborations with dancers/choreographers.  Tune in Tune in on Thursday, July 14th, 5:oo  pm (CDT) at or!/station/19/.

Christmas Special (1) — Chaz Underriner

25 12 2010

   Today’s Scordatura will feature Christmas Special from 3:00 to 7:00 pm on KTRU, Houston.

   First, we will play music by American composer Chaz Underriner.

   Mr. Underriner was born in Midland, Texas, and is currently studying at California Institute of the Arts for his Master’s degree in composition.  He has composed works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, chamber and symphony orchestras, jazz combos, electroacoustic sound and choir.

   We are going to play Mr. Underriner’s compositions such as Evening in Tokyo, Desert Garden for Chamber Orchestra (2010), A Meditation of the Wrath of God for piano solo, and so on.  Listen between 3:00 and 5:00 pm on KTRU, Houston, 91.7 FM.

Interview with composer Doug Falk – Sat 3-7

1 08 2009

We will have Doug in the studio to talk about his piano trio the “Mutant Crab vs. the Minotaur.”

My musical aesthetic is unified despite its division into three distinct fields: composition, improvisation, and songwriting. Whether composing for various ensembles, improvising on trumpet or double bass, or singing/rapping, my goals are the same. I aim to tell a story (often literally accompanying the music with a program), to explore the nebulous boundaries between emotional harmonies, and/or to create musical slapstick.

Songs of the Earth – Zhou Long with Da Camera – Sat. 1/31

28 01 2009

Below is copied from Da Camera’s website.


“Saturday, January 31, 2009, 8:00 PM

Cullen Theater, Wortham Theater Center

Pre-concert conversation with composer Zhou Long and Sarah Rothenberg, 7:00 PM, 6th Floor

Debussy Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (chamber version)
Zhou Long The Farewell for pipa, erhu and chamber orchestra
Gustav Mahler Abschied from Das Lied von der Erde (chamber version)

Susanne Mentzer, mezzo-soprano; Da Camera Chamber Orchestra; Music From China (Susan Cheng, yangqin; Min Xiao-Fen, pipa; Wang Guowei, erhu); Gregory Vajda, conductor; Zhou Long, guest composer

This concert celebrates over 100 years of cross-fertilization between the Asian and Western classical traditions. European composers were inspired at the turn of the century by their discovery of poetry and music from Asia; in our day, Asian composers have come to America and found new musical voices by bringing their musical traditions together with their classical Western training.

Da Camera welcomes composer Zhou Long in his Houston debut. A world-class chamber orchestra with members of the Houston Symphony and other leading Houston musicians, led by acclaimed young conductor Gregory Vajda, collaborates with virtuosos from Music From China on the erhu and pipa.”

Catherine Ramirez Wed. 1/28 – Andrew Nishikawa & 20/21 this Sunday, 2/1/09

28 01 2009

Tomorrow evening, Wednesday Jan. 28th, flutist Catherine Ramirez is giving a recital at 8:00 P.M. in Duncan Recital Hall. The concert will feature music of Jolivet, Karg-Elert, and Ikebe. Catherine is a one of a kind performer, and I would encourage everybody to come and see her play.


Next, this Sunday two great events are taking place at the Shepherd School of Music here in Houston, TX. The first is the student run new music ensemble 20/21’s spring concert,  taking place at 6:30 P.M. in Hirsch Orchestra Rehearsal Hall. The program features Michel van der Aa – Mask (2006); Kaija Saariaho – Lichtbogen (1986); and a premiere by Scordatura’s very own Kenneth Stewart. This is a must see!


The second event is composer/pianist Andrew Nishikawa’s second doctoral recital. It is taking place at 8:00 P.M. in Duncan Recital Hall, with works for string orchestra, flute quintet, percussion ensemble, piano, and mixed ensembles. Andrew has been interviewed on Scordatura, and I would highly recommend this event.


If you need directions or other information, please visit the Shepherd School of Music’s website. Happy listening!

Saturday January 17th, 2009 Interview with Composer Bruce Saylor

16 01 2009

This coming Saturday composer Bruce Saylor will be interviewed on Scordatura, KTRU.  Bruce Saylor holds degrees from The Julliard School, from the City University of New York, where he received his PH.D. He has also received honors from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Society of Arts and Letters … and other more than 35 awards in composition.  In the interview, he is going to talk about his compositions, and his career as a composer, professor, and scholar in New York City. 

Tune in this coming Saturday on KTRU. 

Sat. Nov. 15, 5-6 p.m. – Interview with composer Andrew Nishikawa

12 11 2008

Composer/Pianist Andrew Nishikawa will make his Scordatura debut this Saturday, November 15, from 5-6 p.m. to promote his upcoming performance by the new music ensemble 20/21 on their November 25th concert at the Shepherd School of Music. We will discuss his music, life, and career, and listen to his works as well. Tune in!