About Scordatura

   SCORDATURA is the Houston area’s source for new directions in contemporary classical music and sound. Broadcasted on KPFT 90.1HD2 and KTRU, this program offers a wide variety of genres from the concert music of the early 20th century to the current trends in sound ecology. Each Saturday (2-4 pm), the program explores the not-so-familiar in hopes of bringing these new sounds into the mainstream consciousness.  On occasion, we bring in local composers, noted scholars and performers to the station to discuss and present their own perspective.  Whitty bantor dusts the landscape of the show as the hosts add their insight between the pieces.

Scordatura is an Italian word that means mis-tuning, however in classical music it came to mean tuning a stringed instrument (ie. a guitar or violin) differently than it is normally tuned.

When can I listen?

Saturdays  2:00-4:00 P.M.

Where do I listen? 90.1 HD2 KPFT and KTRU (www.ktru.org) Listen online

For questions, comments, or suggestions please contact us at: s c o r d a t u r a r a d i o @ g m a i l . c o m

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