Listen Saturday 9-25 5 pm Aaron Gonzalez(bass, voice)/Greg Pickett(guitar)/SPIKE the Percussionist/Jason Jackson(saxophone)

Aaron Gonzalez was born November of 1980, in Dallas. He was born into art and music, surrounded by that of his father, Dennis Gonzalez, and Dennis’s various associates since early life. He took lessons in cello and piano, and settled on the bass violin at age 10, playing in school orchestras up through high school, eventually taking private lessons in a program called Young Strings, sponsored by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in high school.

During his high school years, he began playing regularly in bands with members of his immediate family: Trio Brujos (accordion driven trio playing traditional Mexican musics); and Akkolyte (a punk/grindcore duo). This led to the formation of Yells at Eels, featuring his father and both brothers as the core trio, with other instrumentalists, playing a fusion of various styles of jazz and improvised music. Both Akkolyte and Yells at Eels began touring the US, Canada, and Europe in 2000. Yells at Eels have played with Tim Green, Sabir Mateen, George Cartwright, Douglas Ewart, Oliver Lake, and Famoudou Don Moye. They have also toured the U.S., Portugal, and Poland with Portuguese saxophone great Rodrigo Amado.

During the last seven years, Aaron has played with a number of local experimental and rock bands, including MFM, Life-Death Continuum, Aphonic Curtains, Bundle of Joy, Mazinga Phaser II, Unconscious Collective, Pantheon Bar Vanguard, SUBKommander, and The Good Sons. He has played in various improvisational settings with members of Dallas ensembles such as Tidbits, Zanzibar Snails, and the Monks of Saturnalia, as well as with around the US with such notables as Douglas Ewart, Tatsuya Nakatani, Damon Smith and Matt Lavelle.on

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