Flutist Michelle Yom’s FALKOR

22 01 2013

Here is a nice article by Chris Becker, about flutist Michelle Yom’s interview with Scordatura on the 26th and performance on the 27th.  Check it out!


Houston-based flutist, composer, and improviser Michelle Yom


This Sunday, Houston-based flutist, composer, and improviser Michelle Yom presents FALKOR, an interactive music and dance composition featuring Yom on flute and four dancers, Kriten Frankiewicz, Erin Reck, Leslie Scates, and Sophia Torres. FALKOR utilizes video motion tracking and a wireless system triggering audio samples based on the colors of the costumes worn by the dancers as well as their movements. FALKOR takes place at Studio 101 as part of the ongoing electronic music series Brave New Waves.

Fantasy film fans (not to mention fans of 1980s pop music) will no doubt recognize the name Falkor (i.e. Falkor the Luck Dragon) from the film Neverending Story, which tells the story of a young boy who, through reading a magical book, enters into another world called Fantastica, a world sustained by human imagination. Yom uses the names of different characters and creatures from the film, each of whom represent some facet of humanity, as “venture points” to explore “the relationships between emotions, noise, sound, silence, and nothingness.”

… (for more, please read it at Sequenza 21 : http://www.sequenza21.com/2013/01/flutist-michelle-yoms-falkor/

Interview with flutist Michelle Yom

21 01 2013

On January 26th, Scordatura Show will be interviewing flutist Michelle Yom, the former Scordatura DJ!

With your host Paul Connolly, Michelle is going to talk about her new experiments and musical inspiration in Berlin and her performance with Brave New Waves Sound Series on the 27th.

KTRU streams live on the web at www.ktru.org.   You can also tune in to KTRU using high definition radio at 90.1 HD-2.



Michelle Yom presents FALKOR, a new interactive music/dance composition for flute and four dancers.

Framed by video motion tracking and a wireless trigger system, dance and music fuse to create an improvisation based choreography/electro-acoustic music composition.

Swamps of Sadness, Morla the Aged One, Engywook the Scientist, and Falcor the Luck Dragon serve as venture points exploring the relationships between emotions, noise, sound, silence, and nothingness.

Kristen Frankiewicz
Erin Reck
Leslie Scates
Sophia Torres
The performance is on Sunday, January 27th at Studio 101, 1824 Spring Street, Houston, Texas, Houston, Texas 77007.

Door opens at 7:45pm, performances start at 8:05pm.

You can find the information at: https://www.facebook.com/events/407015319378964/permalink/409867539093742/#!/events/404192829667470/

Composer Talk on January 19th, 2013

16 01 2013
    Tune in January 19, 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for “Composer Talk” with your hosts Chris Becker and Hsin-Jung Tsai, two composers playing and talking about contemporary music.
   This Saturday we’ll be playing Joelle Wallach’s Organal Voices for vibraphone and bassoon, Ruth Lomon’s The Butterfly Effect for string quartet, and couple pieces from the album Seasons Ago, a collection of compositions by Alec Wilder performed by Joe LoCascio (piano) and Woody Witt (saxophone).
   season ago
    We’ll also play a prerecorded interview Chris did with Roman Borys, cellist with the Gryphon Trio, and cabaret singer Patricia O’Callaghan, who sings with the Gryphon Trio on their latest recording Broken Hearts and Madmen.    O’Callaghan and the Gryphon Trio will be coming to Houston to perform together February 10.    The trio performs again in Houston in a separate concert program of contemporary music February 12.
    For more information about these concerts, visit the Houston Friends of Chamber Music website: http://houstonfriendsofchambermusic.org/home/
    KTRU streams live on the web at www.ktru.org.   You can also tune in to KTRU using high definition radio at 90.1 HD-2.

Composer Talk – Cold Flood /in sept 29, 2012

1 01 2013

Now you can listen to part of the Composer Talk here: