Two Seasons, Composer Talk

29 11 2013

Tune in Saturday, November 30, 2PM to 4PM CT for “Composer Talk” with your hosts composers Hsin-Jung Tsai and Chris Becker.

On this edition of “Composer Talk” we will be playing music by Nathaniel Bartlett, Houston composer Mark Buller’s “Iris,” two striking pieces for voices,“She The Gill Singer” for chorus and chamber ensemble and “The Interpretation of DREAMS” for amplified voice and Early Music ensemble both by Chris’s former composition teacher Dr. Rocky J. Reuter.

Moreover, we are going to play a new collaboration “Two Seasons” by Thomas Helton and Hsin-Jung Tsai.   Two Seasons is composed for vocal (Misha Penton), contrabass (Thomas Helton/Andrew Seifert) and piano (Hsin-Jung Tsai), based on two Japanese Haiku poems.  Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry.  The two poems we chose are: “I go, you stay. Two Autumns” by Yosa Buson, and “If I must die, then let me die before the winter comes” by Ka Fu.

YosaBusonGrave (Grave of  Yosa Buson)

Shows like “Composer Talk” are becoming an endangered species.  So we truly appreciate your support in tuning in!

“Composer Talk” streams live at and in high definition at 90.1 HD-2.




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